We educate our specialists ourselves according to the motto
"providing for tomorrow today"

Fit for working life

It is our incentive to share our knowledge with young people - to develop them professionally, but also personally. We have gladly assumed this great responsibility at erka for many years. In three training occupations, we ensure a constant increase in top-quality, very well-qualified employees. The quality of our education has even been awarded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)!

Just making coffee or sweeping the workshop? Not with us! Apprentices are treated by us like all other members of the team. Freshly started trainees are soon fully integrated into the daily business and bear responsibility themselves. But don't worry: We don't leave anyone alone and keep helping.

Expert for metal technology (m/f) in the field of assembly technology

Our specialists in the workshop!

Our metal technology apprentices are distinguished by their technical understanding and technical dexterity. They enjoy precision work and are not afraid of large machines. In addition to basic metalworking techniques, they learn how to repair and assemble machines and equipment. Our apprentices assemble components using various joining techniques, such as screwing or plugging, but also riveting, soldering or welding to form machines. They are real practitioners who still get every problem solved!

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Wholesale and foreign trade manager - wholesale specialisation

Our all-round talents in our service!

With our apprentices as wholesale and foreign trade managers, we train our service-oriented top staff in the area of customer care. They are characterised by their high high level of socials and organisational skills. Besides their communication talent, they are also real number jugglers! Our apprentices learn all commercial processes - from order acceptance to invoicing. They always advise our customers in a friendly and professional manner. They are also very good at negotiating. This way they can always offer you the best prices from suppliers!

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Specialist for warehouse logistics

Our logistic experts!

Our warehouse logistics specialists are all-rounders in materials management. Their area of responsibility is characterised by a mixture of economic and industrial tasks. So they are able to organize very well, as well as to tackle practically. Their tasks include all logistical processes, such as incoming goods inspection or the IT-supported management of our highbay warehouse. Planning and working on schedule is essential for them. Our apprentices are characterised by their ability to think logically as well as their careful and precise work. Through their pronounced coordination ability, they ensure that you always receive your ordered product on time and professionally secured.

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