Individual strapping with our own strapping machines

Strapping has become indispensable in the area of dispatch. Many companies already recognize the economic advantages of automatic strapping machines. But there are big differences here as well. We at erka have known the needs of our customers for many years. Therefore we produce our own machines, which exactly meet the requirements of our customers and who bear our erka seal of approval with a clear conscience.

At this point we would like to offer you our automatic strapping machine DBA-200. We have ecognized that conventional machines are not suitable for the different package sizes of companies are designed. Therefore we deliver our machine with different frame sizes. In the standard assortment we offer frames from 850mm x 600mm up to 1650mm x 500mm. On request individual sizes are also possible. So smaller packages, but even large, bulky packages can be secured quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our possibility of choosing a particularly wide frame, our machines can also be used in industries, in which working with conventional machines is not possible. E.g. for the strapping of table tops, slatted frames, mattresses or POS signage.


Generally we deliver our Machines always Plug & Play. The means that only the plug has to be plugged in and you can start immediately. We deliver our strapping machines with mounted frames and individually adjusted to your wishes. So you can start working right away without having to spend a lot of time adjusting the settings.


How does the DBA-200 strapping machine work?

For strapping, the package still has to be placed on the machine and strapping can begin using the hand or foot switch. The DBA-200 tensions and closes automatically by means of a hot-wedge sealing system. The belt is automatically cut off and a new belt is conveyed. So you can work very fast and with little personnel!

Technical details

  • Siemens S7-200 control system
  • infinitely adjustable belt tension
  • integrated tape storage
  • energy-saving design - the motor only runs during strapping operations
  • Tape reel holder for fast tape change
  • sturdy structure
  • CE and EG conformity initiators instead of microswitches
  • automatic tape threading
  • suitable for PP and PET tape

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Many entrepreneurs are frightened in the first instance before the acquisition costs for strapping machines. This is understandable, but unfounded. Through the efficient and faster packaging, the efficiency of the shipping department increases significantly. This is also quickly reflected in the business figures. Through the increase in productivity, there are also fewer personnel costs. So the Acquisition costs amortized quickly. In order to conserve resources, it is also possible to lease machines from us. We will be happy to advise you under + 49 4421 / 9765 - 0 or under info@erka.net