Five signs that you need a stretch wrapping machine in your company

There are many good arguments for the acquisition of a stretch film machine. While for many entrepreneurs such an investment is the logical consequence for continuous growth, others delay this investment longer for cost reasons. We have compiled the following indications for you as to when automation with a stretch machine is worthwhile for you.


Stretch wrapping machines or automatic stretch wrapping machines help you in your company to protect your pallets particularly effectively from external influences such as dust and moisture with the help of stretch film. While in many companies stretching is still done with the help of a hand dispenser, the use of a stretch wrapping machine offers you many advantages. In this guide we would like to show you the most common signs when you should invest in a stretch wrapping machine in your company and what advantages it offers you.

Increased number of wrapped pallets
Whether for shipping or for proper protection in your on-site storage, if you stretch wrap more than ten pallets a day, you will benefit from investing in a stretch wrapper. With the help of automation, the number of wrapped pallets can be greatly increased. Pallets that are stretch wrapped by hand require a lot of time and physical effort from your employees. An automated system helps to speed up this process and relieve your staff. Wrapping a pallet with stretch film by hand takes an average of four to five minutes. With an automated stretch wrapping machine, you can cut this time in half without putting any physical strain on your employees. It is therefore a great indicator for an automated stretch wrapping machine if you notice that the number of pallets needed daily is increasing or that you are generally in a growth phase with your business.

Your products are damaged during shipping
If your company experiences recurring damage to packaging and product during the shipping process, you can benefit greatly from the use of a stretch wrapping machine. One of the main causes of product damage during the shipping process is improperly wrapped pallets. Pallets must be packed with the correct restraint force to prevent unwanted shifting of the loaded goods, which could lead to product damage during shipping. Freight shipping and overseas shipping are usually particularly demanding transport routes. It is impossible to predict in advance how bumpy a road may be or how the seas will behave during shipping. Getting your products to their destination safely is the top priority when shipping. If products are damaged en route to their destination, your business will lose profitability and you could suffer reputational damage. One of the best ways to ensure that your products arrive safely is to pack the pallets properly. Achieving the correct holding force is extremely difficult when wrapping by hand due to human error and natural variations. With a stretch wrapper, you can ensure that your pallets are wrapped with the correct retention force every time. This added consistency and maximum security from the optimal stretch of the film will protect your products.

You suffer from a high turnover of your employees
Many industries struggle with high employee turnover. This particularly affects companies that rely on a lot of manual labour from their employees. Many employees quit their jobs because they feel too much physical strain at work, feel overworked or not valued. If your company is struggling to retain good employees in the long term, you can benefit from using a stretch wrapping machine. Automation simplifies employees' work and they are physically relieved. In the long run, your employees are unlikely to risk physical harm from their work, especially if they have to keep up with increasing speeds in the work process. Especially in times of demographic change, it is therefore essential to relieve employees physically in order to be able to secure a long employment relationship into old age.

The cost of stretch film is too high for you
If your company is spending more money on stretch wrap than you think is necessary, this can be a major sign that automation is needed. Often, when stretch wrapping pallets by hand, more stretch film is used than is actually necessary to ensure that the pallets are properly protected. However, this is the wrong approach. It is more important to choose the right wrapping technique. In addition, stretch wrapping by machine usually achieves a higher stretching force, so that even more material can be saved here. With a stretch wrapping machine, your pallets are wrapped with the exact amount of stretch film needed each time, so there is less waste and you use less film. This is good for the environment and your wallet.


You want to reduce work-related injuries
Another indication of machine use in your business may be the increased incidence of injuries and downtime among your employees due to back pain, muscle strains and similar symptoms. To protect your employees while on the job and avoid costly downtime, it helps to take the strain off your employees with automated tools. Wrapping pallets with stretch film, or by hand, can otherwise lead to back injuries and long-term back problems for employees over time. Your employees are healthier and less likely to be injured if they no longer have to wrap pallets themselves.

Do some of these situations sound familiar? Then it is likely that you should not delay investing in an automated stretch wrapping solution any longer. We would be happy to advise you individually and without obligation on your stretch wrapping machine or other automated packaging solutions! Get advice now!