1 x 1 of strapping: Why should I strap my goods?

Strapping has become indispensable in the shipping and storage of goods. We often receive questions on this subject. Starting with the use of strapping up to the question of the choice of the optimal strapping technique and the right strapping band. In our series "1 x 1 of strapping" we would like to introduce you to all the basics. First the question arises, what is a strapping and what advantages do they bring me in my work?

With a strapping, this is non-slip fixation and tear-proof sealing of packages with a closure patch. The strapping works in a similar way as with a suitcase belt. Your goal is to ensure safety in logistical processes. The areas of application range from a simple cardboard strapping, up to the robust shop security heavier or bulky cargo with steel strapping. Depending on the application and material, the strapping can be carried out manually, automatically or or with air pressure. The strapping band, which consists of plastic or steel, is manually or automatically moved around the Package guided, clamped and clamped by a clamp, sleeve or by Welded closed. So everything stays in place.

What are the advantages of strapping packages?

  • Increasing the stability of the package
  • Strapping straps are practically tear-resistant even under high loads
  • the goods are protected against unauthorised opening
  • bulky goods such as pipes or wooden boards can be bundled together
  • Unlike adhesive tapes, strapping tapes do not leave behind any residue.
  • they compress light products
  • larger cartons get a better grip
  • Printed strapping ensures professional appearance of the shipment
  • they show as a seal the integrity of the package

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Do you have any more questions? We help you and advise you gladly all about strapping and load safety! Next we will present the the right strapping technique for every occasion.